Tips To Help You Get A Higher Vertical Jump

What's going on guys my name is Alan from When you have realized that you need some help in getting a higher vertical jump, you start doing some heavy research.  You check out all the products and manuals that all claim to be the road to success.

You may even wind up wasting some money during your search.  Instead of doing all that, you should be researching different exercises that you can use to supplement your existing training program.

In order to get a higher vertical jump, you are going to need to add exercises that are designed to target your leg muscles.Your leg muscles need to be strong to help you get a higher vertical jump. You might think that your legs are strong enough, but unfortunately they are not.

Tips To Help You Get A Higher Vertical Jump

A simple test doing some leg lifts can show you just how out of shape your legs are.  This is primarily because not many athletes focus on building the strength in their legs. Their focus is more on their ability to run fast, raise stamina, and have a higher level of upper body strength.

Are you shorter than average?  It is this main reason that many athletes are looking for ways to get a higher vertical jump.  If you are shorter than many of the other players in your sport, you are looking for a way to gain an edge over your taller opponents.

Jumping higher than you usually do is one way to achieve this. Regardless of what reason that you have for wanting to get a higher vertical jump, the best solution to do this is through exercise.  Any good trainer knows that exercise is the most important aspect of ensuring that you remain an asset to your team.

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Staying in shape helps you work better with your team members and provide better competition for the opposite team.Jump roping is one exercise that you need to consider.  Jump roping is not just about an effective cardio workout.  With the simple addition of some weights, you can make this exercise daily beneficial.

In one aspect you get the great effects of a good cardio exercise.  In the other aspect, you are providing more resistance, which makes it more difficult for you to raise your legs.Squats are another popular choice.

You may already have squats included in your exercise routine.  If this is the case, you should step up your squats a bit.  Add some extra weight by shouldering a curl bar and weight plates.  As you gain more strength and your legs become more powerful, these squats will get easier, at which time you simply need to add more weight and increase the number of repetitions that you do.

Sprinting up stairs, leg lifts, and calf raises are also beneficial to building the strength of your leg muscles.  The stair sprinting provides an incline which requires you to use more of your leg muscles at a constant rate.

The leg lifts are self-explanatory.  Calf raises are great for your calves, and can be customized to your needs by adding ankle weights.increase jumping ability,increase vertical fast,get a higher vertical jump,best way to increase vertical,how to increase my vertical


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