Tips and Trick Doing The Vertical Jump

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Use your adrenaline!

A shot of adrenaline from getting nervous is bad for public speakers, golfers, and field goal kickers, but it's very good for dunkers or weightlifters. Adrenaline increases your muscles' capacity to do work by dialating the blood vessels and providing an extra boost of oxygen to your muscles. So if you want to jump higher instantly, try to make yourself nervous.

Warm Up!

Jump on wooden courts!

Not only are wooden courts easier on your knees than outdoor concrete or asphalt courts, they can also have a small "springlike" effect to give you an extra inch or so.

Tips and Trick Doing The Vertical Jump

Jump straight up!

You don't gain any height by jumping forward. And you also don't gain any "hang time." Someone who jumps 40" high and dunks from the free throw line stays in the air the same amount of time that he would by jumping 40" straight up. Time in the air is directly related to the height of the jump and nothing else except the force of gravity which is always the same. Simple physics.

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Jump without the ball!

Arm swing can provide as much as 10% of your vertical.

Get coordinated!

No amount of training will help you if you don't know how to jump.

Increase your approach speed!

Even if you only take one approach step, it can help you tremendously if that step is fast. Remember, convert horizontal energy to vertical energy.

Workout in Hot Gyms!

If you're already sweating when you get to the gym, you can reduce your warm-up time. There's also a reduced chance of injury since your blood is flowing to your skeletal muscles.

Use humidity!

High humidity increases your ability to grip the ball. It also increases the friction on the court making jumping easier. Two-footed jumping requires lots of friction when you convert the horizontal to vertical motion.

Get shoes with traction!

This is the same principal as using humidity. When you slip, there is a loss of energy.


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