Increase Your Vertical with a Great Vertical Jumping Program

What's going on guys my name is Alan from As an introduction (and to save your time!), I have personally used and now completely endorse this vertical jumping program, check it out now. Vertical jumping programs can be hard to find. There are many good and simple exercises that will improve your vertical, but not necessarily your quickness.

Some programs are great for teaching speed, but just average for jumping.. So you need to combine both elements in your workout.One simple exercise that is a must in order to improve your speed is Wind Sprints: sprint for 50 meters, then rest for 20 seconds.

Try to do this 3 times a week and you will see improvement soon due to increased leg strength.Jump Rope is another solid exercise to utilize for your vertical jumping program. Try to jump rope 4 times a week with 200 jumps per session to improve your calf strength and really add to your leaping ability by making you more explosive.

Increase Your Vertical Jump

Finally, plyometric exercises are very popular and effective. Here are three of them:Depth Jumps For this exercise you need a 2-3 feet-high box. Get on top of the box. Drop off and jump back in the air as soon as you land.

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Leap ups Start with your legs straight, then go down to a 1/4 squat position and jump in the air with full strength.Thrust Ups Jump up and down as high as you can without bending your legs.Two things are crucial here, the right number of repetitions and the proper execution. Quality is what is critical here, not quantity.

It is very important that you find a good workout plan that teaches the proper technique for each maneuver. The best vertical jumping program around today is The Jump Manual. It is the only one I have used that emphasizes all the proper exercises and technique, but also provides fantastic support and video to make sure you get it right go to, Vertical Jumping Program to read more.


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